H2 Distribution

While a few filling stations have a pipeline supplying them with Hydrogen 24/7, most do not and it falls to trucks equipped with high pressure tube trailers to deliver Hydrogen to local storage at filling stations from the point of generation. The same applies for the delivery of Hydrogen to industrial customers. In order to control and account for the amount of gas being delivered, each truck is equipped with a flow meter that totalizes the amount of each gas transfer.

Rheonik meters are fitted to tube trailers to provide records of all gas either loaded to or unloaded from the trailer. Rheonik meters are rugged and can stand up to the rigors of road transport and their compact size makes them the very best option when installing in side enclosures and housings, a real challenge for other meters that are bulky and large. Transmitters are operated directly from the truck 12Vdc battery supply, removing the need for additional power supply converters or external sources. Transmitters can also be tamperproof, sealed against unauthorized change of configuration and settings to protect the integrity of the measurement at all times.