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Leading in H2 Mass Flow Measurement

Hydrogen fueled vehicles have become a common sight in areas where investment has been made in the “hydrogen highway” to establish filling stations and fuel supply to support such vehicles on the road. America, Canada, Japan, China and many European countries have already invested large sums of money to establish a basic network of hydrogen stations supporting fuel cell cars. With many fuel cell vehicles from several manufacturers already on the road and with many more to come, the hydrogen highway will continue to be expanded to provide the capacity needed to keep them running.

Rheonik is a pioneer in the hydrogen fuel cell revolution. From the very outset, Rheonik has worked with all of the major hydrogen suppliers to produce flow meters that are both accurate and can handle the extremely high pressures associated with hydrogen distribution and dispensing.

This is underlined by Rheonik being the first Coriolis manufacturer who obtained a custody transfer approval for a broad range of mass flowmeters for mobile and stationary hydrogen applications up to 1070 bar according to MID MI002 / OIML R137.

The implementation of clean fuel technologies such as that found in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is an increasing priority for many countries as concerns about global warming and its effect on the planet continue. Rheonik are proud of their contribution to the industry and will continue a program of improvement to provide even better solutions and performance to support these important global warming reduction initiatives.

Hydrogen is transferred to storage and into fuel cell vehicles at very high pressures, high velocities and at varying temperatures. The provision of a flow meter to measure under these conditions is not trivial as it must be both accurate, reliable and usable for end user point-of-sale billing. Rheonik mass flow meters have proven to be, and continue to be, the most reliable meters for H2 measurement available.